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Speaker Series: US-China Cross Border Innovation Live Stream #Product Management#Netflix

This live stream is a knowledge sharing live series focusing on empowering cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship. Past speakers include executives from top-tier global companies (Google, ByteDance, Marvel, etc.) and investment institutions (A16Z, YC, Matrix Partners, etc.). Many companies founded by Beta Fellowship members have become unicorns and all companies have raised over $1B in total. This special episode is co-hosted by Beta Fellowship and Product Pub.


  • How to strategize a product?
  • How to make hard product decisions?
  • How to build a team to bring an idea into life?


Chen Zheng

  • Director of Product Innovation, Studio Algorithms@ Netflix.
  • Cofounder& Board Member of Product Pub.
  • Ex-PM @ Facebook, Instagram, Google, Wish, Enterprise Apps.
  • Led Facebook B2C Commerce team to help merchants excel at Mobile Commerce via building mobile presence and started initiatives @Facebook on emerging markets by building an open marketplace tailored to the local dynamics.
  • While working at Instagram’s Search & Explore and Feed Ranking &Experience, succesfully increased the Instagram time spent by 20%.
  • Co-founded Tech for AAPI Alliance.
  • Ph.D. in Physics (special focus on Astrophysics) from Stanford.


  • 40min Speaker Sharing
  • 20min Q&A


Cost: Free

Streaming Platform:Zoom

Time:November 4th. 7PM PST

Location: Online

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