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Speaker Series: Fireside Chat with Potter Li, Cofounder of EthSign #Web3.0

This live stream is hosted by Beta Fellowship, a knowledge sharing live series focusing on empowering US-China cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship. Past speakers include executives from top-tier global companies (Google, ByteDance, Marvel, etc.) and investment institutions (A16Z, YC, Matrix Partners, etc.). Many companies founded by Beta Fellowship members have become unicorns and all companies have raised over $1B in total.


  • How does EthSign redefine e-signing in Web 3.0?
  • How did the idea come along and why is it worth dropping out of college?
  • What are the key learnings behind successful fundraising for first-time founders?


Potter Li​

  • Cofounder of EthSign, raised 12 Million led by all 3 branches of Sequoia Capital - an industry first
  • Ex-Morgan Stanley, Fundamental Labs
  • Cofounder of Blockchain@USC
  • Initiator of Web 3 Collective

Special Host

Summer Y.L.

  • Co-founder of Fyli Tribe (2021 Forbes Next 1000 startup)
  • Founder of NuWa Marketing
  • Regular guest lecturer @ NYU


  • 40min Speaker Sharing
  • 20min Q&A
  • 30min After Party

Event Info

Cost: Free

Streaming platform:Online Zoom

Time: April 16th, 6 PM PST

Location:You will receive the streaming link after you register

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