Innovator Track

Beta Membership -Innovator track hosts cohort-based learning experience.

There are at least 3 cohorts per year (Sprint/Summer/Fall). Each cohort lasts for 2-3 months. Each cohort focuses on different startup topics. The speakers come from top tier startups and companies.

All Beta Fellowship members have been through background checks.

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Member Milestone 1: Learn

Beta entrepreneurship teaches you how to become a qualified entrepreneur from data, product, strategy, and legal aspects. Course development mentors come from Matrix Ventures, YC, Gao Rong Capital, Lime and other first-tier funds and unicorn companies.

Member Milestone 2: Expand your network

Beta hosts weekly sharing sessions with industry bigwigs to help you meet industry bigwigs and investors. Beta Us-China startup community gathers more than 30,000 Chinese and American talents, and will accurately match your startup partners according to your needs.


Why join Beta Fellowship?

Beta is your first choise to turn your startup idea into reality. You will get access to courses developed by tier 1 venture capital investors and unicorn company CEOs. At the same time, we have 30,000+ community members working in major companies or founding startups across China and the U.S. you could find potential business partners here. Lastly, Beta had partnered with venture capital funds and media to help you with funding and publicity resources with your project.

How to join Beta Fellowship?

First of all, you will need to submit an application form and our community members will review each applicant’s experience. After your application is approved, you can join Beta Fellowship through paying an annual membership fee.

Would I get mentorship through Beta Fellowship?

Yes, our members will enjoy exclusive office hour which our team of professionals will help you solve problems and answer any questions you have with your project. We will also invite outstanding and successful entrepreneurs to provide you with exclusive insights. Beta also have a professional investment team to provide advice to your BP to help your project.

How much is Beta Fellowship?

The annual membership fee is $1499 a year, and if you join now, you can receive a coupon for $200. During the membership period, you will enjoy all the existing benefits of Beta Fellowship and the benefits that will be added in the future. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year and you can cancel it at any time by contacting

What are success stories of Beta Fellowship ?

Members from Beta Fellowship has founded many late stage companies such as Lime ( raised 2.4B) , HIMS( Valuation of 1.6B), etc. For early stage companies, we have Amaxy Beauty ( Achieved 10M annual sales in 3 years)

Take $1299 $899/yr limited offer,Join Beta Fellowship now