Founder Program

Unlock the potential of your startup with Beta’s Founder program designed to accelerate your company’s growth and success. We offer a range of valuable resources and opportunities to help you connect to best VCs, build traction, and meet a strong network of advisors.

Who should Apply

User Acquisition

Boost your project’s success with our expert user-acquisition skills. Beta has assisted over 30 teams in creating or improving their go-to-market strategy to acquire their first 1000 users and achieve significant user growth.

Get Funding

Fuel your startup's funding success with our program. Gain access to 300+ top investors, receive curated deal flows, enjoy email introductions, and showcase your startup to 100+ investors at our demo days. Secure the funding you need to thrive.

Alumni Network

Our experienced investment team will work closely with you to develop effective growth, fundraising, and monetization strategies. Through personalized advising sessions, we help you identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and accelerate your startup's growth.

Program Overview


Founders/Executives of leading companies in the industry, including Meta, Google, Square, Coinbase etc.


We have helped our members start over 200 companies, including (YC W23), (YC W23)..etc


From top tier Chinese and American VC, including, ZhenFund, A16Z, Matrix Partners, YC, Sequoia etc.

Active Founders

SWE, PM, Tech Lead from Google, Amazon, Meta, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs looking to start their new venture

Get Funding :  find your first check

Fundraising:  We help you find investors 

300+ Investor Network

Gain access to over 300 investors in residence, including renowned names like Zhenfund, Sequoia, A16Z, Amino Capital, and many more. These investors are actively seeking promising opportunities to invest in.

Demo Day

5+ Demo Day hosted throughout the year to meet investors(100+) and raise funds for your project. 

Deal Flow Distribution

We proactively send curated deal flows to our investor network every month, increasing your chances of getting noticed by potential investors.

Get O1 Visa/Green Card :  Legal Support for founders

Advising session :  Navigate through fundraising/growth challenges

Project Consulting

Our Beta investment team provides regular project consulting services, empowering startup projects to rapidly acquire users, refine products, and formulate marketing strategies.

User Acquisition Strategies

We offer expertise and guidance in acquiring and retaining users, helping startups drive growth and achieve their user acquisition goals.

Pitch Deck Refinement

Increase your chances of securing funding with our expert assistance in refining your pitch deck.

Get Funding :  find your first check

Build Teams : Find the right talent

50+ Networking events

Attend our 50+ networking events throughout the year, where you can meet potential co-founders and expand your professional network.

Talent Acquisition

Leverage our extensive network to connect with exceptional professionals who specialize in sales, marketing, and engineering roles.

Team Building Support

Receive expert guidance and support throughout the team-building process, from defining job requirements to conducting interviews and making informed hiring decisions.

Fundraising :  Get fundraising advices

Fundraising :  Get fundraising advices

Office Hours with Beta’s investment team

As a Beta Fellow, you have the opportunity to book meetings with Beta’s investment team to receive feedback on your projects. Our team can provide valuable feedback and comments on your business plan from a venture capital perspective.

Biweekly Checkins

We strongly encourage teams to have biweekly check-ins with us to update us on their progress and needs. This helps us at Beta to provide the necessary resources to facilitate growth and acquire users for the teams.

Beta Fellowship connects you with experts and peers who share the similar visions and interests as you, and we synthesize each person's insights to accelerate progress together. Each member has something special to offer, we've also created a path for each Beta Fellow to one day become a Beta Partner.

Access to Beta’s Talent networks

As a Beta Fellow, you will meet like-minded individuals including founders, industry leaders, PMs, SWEs. Each member has his/her own appointment link where you can book a time to chat!

Program Updates

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