Beta Fellowship is industry’s first DAO Community for global Chinese founders. Top talents come here to learn, network and raise funding to build cross-border business.​

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Here are the 9 roles for Beta Dao, each role will receive different awards through contributing to the community.


Beta plants and nurtures the seed for entrepreneurial success and we aim to build a collaborative community for every brilliant entrepreneur. You will be awarded 🔥 FREE NFT for every step you take to grow this community and if you get 12 different NFTs this year, you will be invited to our EOY 🦄 exclusive event (in LA Beverly Hills 2021)!

Beta Summer Crypto Cohort

Summer crypto cohort application deadline is 5.17

This summer, Beta takes you into a new era of the Internet. Web 3 and Crypto cutting-edge technology camp is officially open for registration. All hot topics about cutting-edge technologies, one-stop literacy, and live events to learn from top industry founders. Let's all jump into the rabbit hole together!

*Beta hosts many cohorts on different topics during the year. If you are a paid member, you can attend all cohorts for free during your membership


DAO members get full access to discord, private events, educational content, and governance.