Spring 2023 Founder Bootcamp

This is a 9-week long bootcamp on topics such as Market, PMF, Traction, Team, Fundraising… etc.

We will be delving deeply into our project evaluation process. Additionally, Beta will be allocating 250K USD to invest in projects that align with our  investment criteria.

Application process:

  1. Fill in the application form 
  2. Receive response within 24 hours
  3. Confirm and pay $499 program fee to join. We also offer full scholarships to 20 qualified applicants.

Most companies have professional development budgets set aside for their employees. Many of our participants expense bootcamp fee to their company. If your company has such policy, we can provide supporting materials to help find reimbursement.

Apply Now

If you are a Beta member, you don't need to apply
contact wx=betafellow to join for free

2-3 sentences about yourself. e.g. company & position, domain knowledge..etc
e.g. Plaid for healthcare data: Helping digital health companies access and manage user health and medical data"
We provide discounts to candidates who apply through our partnered channels.