Beta University Annual Access

Beta University 每年根最新科技行业发展趋势,自主研发15门创新创业相关课程,导师团队来自中美头部创业公司CEO及投资机构。

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Access to All Past Beta Courses

You will have access to all previous Beta courses (50 Hours) on start-up-related topics such as Growth & Monetization Strategies, How to evaluate startup ideas ..etc, as well as topics on emerging technologies like AIGC, Web3..etc.

Access to All upcoming courses

Our courses are updated every year to stay current with the latest developments in the tech industry. We continue to invite industry leaders, founders, investors and executives at top Companies to share their perspective on various topics.


Why join Beta University?

Beta University is a great choice for those interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, with a cutting-edge curriculum updated every year to stay current with the latest developments in the tech industry. The university offers 15 courses related to innovation and entrepreneurship, taught by experienced mentors from top companies in China and the United States. These mentors bring practical knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom, providing students with invaluable guidance as they develop their skills and pursue their goals.

Who are the instructors & Speakers of your Courses?

We invite industry experts to share their thoughts and insights on related topics. Some of our instructors and guest speakers include Qiang Wang( Cofounder of Zhenfund), Jason (妙盈科技创始人,融资金额过亿), 金秋远(Vland创始人,红杉中国领投,千万融资), Tony Gao (易思汇创始人,最大留学生在线付费平台, C轮融资)

What can i get from Beta University?

In addition to offering innovative courses, Beta University also provides an excellent opportunity for students to network with mentors who are successful startup founders, famous investors, and senior executives at large tech companies.

How much is Beta University?

The annual course access fee is $1299/ year. During the membership period, you will have access to all existing courses and upcoming courses in the future. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year and you can cancel it at any time by contacting

What are the success stories of Beta University alumni?

Students from Beta Unviersity has founded many late stage companies such as Lime ( raised 2.4B) , HIMS( Valuation of 1.6B), etc. For early stage companies, we have Amaxy Beauty ( Achieved 10M annual sales in 3 years) , W23), Aspecta (Web3 DID, backed by ZhenFund)

Take $1499 $1299/yr limited offer,Get Beta university Annual Access Now