Beta 社区动态 | Beta Founder Bootcamp 进行中 |第三周回顾

Beta Spring 2023 Bootcamp进行到第三周,本周Bootcamp话题为Traction,我们为参与Bootcamp的公司及创始人分享了初创公司早期traction的重要性,如何在早期建立traction,并且在融资过程中将其更好的展示给投资人。我们也邀请到了Murray Newland,ex-CSO of Turing (11亿美金估值)在本次Session中为大家分享了很多关于如何在公司初期创造traction,一个产品的社区的意义以及如何针对不同产品做出一个好的GTM策略。

Building traction is the second pillar of building the startup

Example1: showing good features to build traction

Example 2: showing concepts to build traction

Example 3: Features within the value props

Example 4:

Go-to-market Strategy

Example1:  showing the numbers and their projects transparently

Example 2: Kindly present the client and partner roster, along with the market interests, exclusively pertaining to the initial phase of the enterprise when it has yet to gain substantial traction momentum.

Example 3: Show the customer list

Example 4: Amazon making the ROI as the core pitch and show it on their GTM slide


It is advisable to present not only numerical values, such as returning customers, average customer acquisition cost, average order value, conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, and other relevant metrics, but also trending lines to indicate the direction of the trend.

LTV/CAC is an important metric for businesses to consider when evaluating their profitability. This metric is calculated by dividing the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer by the cost of acquiring that customer (CAC). The higher the number, the better for the business. LTV represents the profit a user can bring to the business over the duration of their time as a paying customer. CAC, on the other hand, measures how much the business spends to acquire a customer. By analyzing LTV/CAC, businesses can determine the effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts, and make decisions on where to allocate resources to improve their profitability. Overall, LTV/CAC is a crucial metric for businesses looking to maximize their revenue and stay competitive in their respective industries.

An effective approach to presenting numerical information includes the demonstration of the amount generated from the initial event, the average customer value, and the quantity of individuals on the waitlist.



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