Trusli|Trusted AI for everyone,1.3M raised

Do you feel like your procurement team is constantly running into the same problems, with no efficient way to manage them? You’re not alone. In fact, 77% of companies have reported loss of productivity and millions in profit due to delays and errors during the procurement process.

Trusli is here to help. Trusli is an AI-powered automation software, founded by Beta member Gloria Yi Qiao, JD, MBA, that will help your team work 10x more efficiently. Leverage the power of machine learning to enjoy true automation. We are the first in the industry to deploy Natural Language Processing to automatically classify and extract relevant information for in-house legal teams and procurement teams.

Automate everything with Trusli – from comparing pricing info with historical data, to drafting emails with strategies for deal negotiation, automatically proposing pre-defined fallback provisions, tracking all terms and dates that your team cares about, and much more.

Ready to see how Trusli can help your team? Visit to learn more.



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