Beta Angel Group

Beta Angel Group is an invite-only group that help the aspiring angel investors / VCs to invest in exceptional founders before the world knows about them.

Key benefits our current members love:

  1. [Financial Return] Quarterly premium syndicate or Beta Fund investment opportunity
  2.  [Investment Acumen] Review at least 100+ deals a year and get the exclusive peak into Y Combinator to train your eyes as an investor
  3.  [Career] Build your investing track record early to help you either start your own fund down the line or get recruited for prestigious VC firms such as Sequoia and A16Z.
  4. [Network] Other members like you are well connected and motivated investors who are willing to share market insights and deal sources with you.

Application process:

  1. Submit the application form 
  2. Pay the $150 application fee. (100% refundable if the application is not approved.)
  3. Interview 
  4. Receive the invitation letter and pay $4000 annul membership fee to become an official Beta Angel Group member!

Beta Angel Group will only release 5 membership spots in August 2022. 

Beta Angel Group application form

If you don't have one yet, please put “N/A".
If you have invested before, what's in your portfolio? New to investing? Tell us about a market opportunity you're excited about!
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1-2 sentences are fine. What is or could be your superpower as an investor?