Beta Fellowship is where global innovators come to learn, network and raise funding to build cross-border companies.


Want to start a business, still looking for ideas? 

First-time founders looking for top-talented teammates, co-founders, and potential investors? 

With Beta Fellowship, you’ll get access to our powerful network of entrepreneurs, investors, and resources.


Beta members come from diverse backgrounds, from elite schools to global Fortune 50 companies, to startups in all sectors. Come and meet your potential co-founders, early team members, and business partners!


Beta offers a cohort-based incubating service each quarter to help founders solve some of the problems commonly associated with early-stage startups, such as PMF, growth strategy, equity design, etc.


With Beta's own investment fund, we help you turn ideas into reality ($250k checksize) and provide BP suggestions for you. Regular demo days hosted throughout the year can also help projects find the right investors.

Beta Fellowship's Network


Executives of leading companies in the industry, including Google, ByteDance, Marvel, Draper  universities etc.


From top tier Chinese and American VC, including, A16Z, Matrix Partners, YC, GaoRong Capitals etc.

Member Companies

Member companies  get reported by the top investment institutions and media, including Forbes 30 under 30, Hurun under 30.


Beta Fellowship incubated multiple unicorns, more than $1B raised by all member companies.

Beta Fellowship’s Core Values

Grow your network, find partners/co-founders/investors

Grow your network, find partners/co-founders/investors

Get to know the potential co-founders, early team members and business, including tech company employees, senior professionals from Amazon, Google, Apple, Meta, LinkedIn, Airbnb and other companies, and university MBAs from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Columbia, CMU, and other universities

Step by step content,help you​ prevent common pitfalls

prevent common pitfalls   with step by step content

Case studies

Entrepreneurial leaders teach entrepreneurial methodology, including team organization, product positioning, growth strategy, equity design, etc

Industry reports

A number of top entrepreneurial cases throughout the year, including overseas consumer goods, NFT, creator economy, enterprise services, carbon neutrality, meta-universe and other regular in-depth research and corresponding database (1000+ project)

Regular AMA office hours

Regular AMA/ Office hour, customized design teaching to help you take down barriers on the road to entrepreneurship

Funraising, financing your company

Funraising, financing your company

Demo Day

Regular innovation roadshows throughout the year to meet investors to raise fund for your project

Beta Fund

With Beta's own investment fund, we help you turn ideas into reality ($250k checksize) and provide BP suggestions for you.

Investor network

Help you in the shortest time to find investors who the most likely will invest in your projects

Media resources to boost your PR

Media resources to boost your PR

Forbes List/Hurun judge

In-depth cooperation with Forbes Entrepreneurship List and Hurun Wealth List, participating in the review. Direct promotion for Fellow members

Partnership with 36Kr

A tech blog that focuses on Internet startups

Partnership with Huxiu is dedicated to the sharing and gaining of commercial news.

Partnership with Tech Crunch

TechCrunch is an American online newspaper focusing on high tech and startup companies.

Beta Fellowship connects you with experts and peers who share the similar visions and interests as you, and we synthesize each person's insights to accelerate progress together. Each member has something special to offer, we've also created a path for each Beta Fellow to one day become a Beta Partner.

Beta Fellowship provides you with mentorship, funding opportunities, online and offline networking events, and Media resources -- the first stepping stone for you to turn your idea into reality

Meet Your Mentors​

Meet Your Mentors

Beta Fellowship mentors come from front-line organizations and companies in various industries to share hands-on experiences and insights you can't find elsewhere. Mentors use Beta Fellowships to discover, nurture, and empower the next generation of innovation leaders, including you.

Eric Migicovsky   Partner @Y Combinator

Xiang Gao   Partner @ Gaorong Capital

Jake Jolis​   Partner @ Matrix Partners​

Toby Sun​   Founder & CEO @ Lime​

Peng Zhao    Founder & CEO @ BOSS Zhipin

Juan Acosta​   Chief Operating Officer @ Draper University

Henry Ong​   Global Marketing Director @ Marvel​

Amy Duan   Founder & CEO @ Chihuo

And More

Member Spotlight(Early-stage companies)

Amaxy Beauty

Founded by Beta member Du Chen, Amaxy Beauty is a Beauty brand from Los Angeles that has reached 10 million RMB in annual sales in more than three years

Founded by Beta member Nana, is an AI innovation enterprise focusing on bioelectrical signals and deep learning. It originated from the independent innovation project "Sign Language Translation System based on myoelectric arm ring".


Founded by Beta member Jay, DumpStar is New York's first Chinese-founded building retention disposal service focused on developers and building contractors. Currently, it has talked to country Garden, Century Group and others

Cheese Venture

Cheese Ventures, founded by Beta members Rex, Stephen, Gary, and others, wants to work with the best young people. Its portfolio includes Boom Supersonics, Zenreach, Grubmarket and Bungalow

Member Spotlight(Public companies/Unicorns)


With less than 4 years, Hims went public on the New York Stock Exchange on January 22, 2021 at a valuation of $1.6 billion. Congratulations Andrew!


GrubMarket raised $181 million in five years. In October 2021, GrubMarket completed a $60 million Series D funding round with investors including BlackRock. Congratulations Miny!

Vicarious Surgical

Vicarious Surgical, funded by Bill Gates (through Gates Tures) and Jerry Yang (through AME Cloud Ventures), went public in 2021. Congratulations on Adam!


Lime has raised $2.4 billion from Alphabet, Google Ventures, A16Z and other top tier funds. Congratulations Toby!

Companies Where Beta Fellows Are Coming From

Beta Fellowship provides you with learning resources, funding opportunities, online and offline networking events, and Media resources -- the first stepping stone for you to turn your idea into reality

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